Intelligent Data Management in the Cloud for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Build a 360-Degree View to Improve Patient Outcomes and ROI

Healthcare and life sciences organizations improve patient experiences and outcomes by deepening their understanding of customers. This comes from building a 360-degree view using multiple sources of potential data about customers, health risks and conditions. Even nontraditional sources, like social determinants of health, the weather bureau and utility companies, contribute to a greater whole.

However, this is a massive amount of data. The more data there is, the harder it becomes to analyze it for actionable insights. But 38% of healthcare and 28% of life sciences organizations say data is growing beyond the capacity of their existing systems to work with.

Intelligent data management in the cloud can help break down silos, connect and make your data actionable. Learn how with this new info brief from IDC. Find out:

  • The potential benefits, including streamlined workflows, improved data governance and better decision-making
  • Potential obstacles you might face, such as data privacy and security concerns and lack of budget
  • Ways to overcome these obstacles that enhance efficiency, productivity and ROI


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