Results that matter: How Elastic helps customers create value and drive success

Nearly 1,400+ Elastic customers shared their experience through a third-party survey managed and analyzed by Socratic Technologies. The insights show a quantified acceleration of key benefits across Elastic’s solutions, cloud capabilities, and platform.

Read this report to understand how Elastic empowers users to create value and drive success by improving customer and employee experiences, evolving the DevOps lifecycle, and accelerating security without limits. Learn how you can realize these same benefits and more with Elastic.


Discover how Elastic’s intelligent search-powered solutions help customers realize quantified outcomes and satisfaction as self-reported in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Search delivers better search experiences by improving customer and employee satisfaction by 69%
  • Observability creates value by reducing 60% of incidents and improving application and service resilience by 61%
  • Security reduces 60% of overall risk by decreasing the impact of security threats by 69%
  • Elastic Platform and Cloud drives success and profitability by reducing costs through tools consolidation by 68% and simplifying solution management by 67%

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