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It’s Everything You Want From A Social Media Management Solution At A Price You’ll Love!

Sprinklr Social – Self Serve is a comprehensive social media management platform that helps businesses connect with customers, manage their reputation, and drive business results across 30+ social and messaging channels. It offers a suite of tools for social publishing, engagement, listening, advertising, and analytics. 

Why Choose Simplr Social?

  1. Quick Setup, Instant Impact – It happens before you finish your coffee!
  2. Intuitive Interface, Effortless Execution – Simple is smart
  3. Actionable Insights, No Extra Cost – We value your time and money!
  4. ChatGPT Integration for Lightning-Fast Content – The best of tech at your service
  5. AI-Powered Optimization – Artificial intelligence real results
  6. Scalability for Growing Businesses – Let’s grow together

Try Simplr Social – Self Serve FREE for 90 days! Plans from $299 per seat/month, billed annually.

Transform your social media strategy today. 

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