Case Study

How a Sustainable Supply Chain Propelled Profits for this Global Brand

Discover how retail giant, Patagonia, improved operational efficiency by 20% and cut power consumption by 30% with Dematic automated solutions.

Read the full story of how Patagonia incorporated their mission for sustainable practices into their supply chain at their Reno, Nevada distribution center, certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

For Patagonia, the challenges of manual handling processes and increased order volume led them to seek out a sustainable solution to streamline operations. They partnered with Dematic, a leading automation solutions provider, to implement modular conveyors in their facility.

By seamlessly integrating the eco-conveyors into their distribution center, Patagonia’s operational efficiency surged by an impressive 20%, allowing the retailer to handle several thousand orders daily with accuracy and speed. The transition to Dematic technology also led to a substantial 30% reduction in power consumption, aligning with Patagonia’s commitment to sustainability.

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