Case Study

Linköping University

SPB-based campus network simplifies set-up and user support and offers secure flexibility at considerably reduced cost.

Unlocking Campus Network Excellence: Linköping University Case Study

Discover how Linköping University in southern Sweden transformed its network, simplifying setup, user support, and enhancing flexibility—all at a considerably reduced cost.

The Challenge: 

Linköping University’s existing network fell short of expectations—complex setup, outdated equipment, and limited support. Resilience and flexibility were compromised in the standard architecture.

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Solution:

In 2015, Linköping University embarked on a journey to modernize its network with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. A Shortest Path Bridge (SPB)-based campus solution connected four sites, replacing the outdated architecture and introducing simplified management.

What to Expect in the Case Study:

  • Unified Simplicity: Witness how a unified operating system streamlined the entire network infrastructure.
  • Automated Brilliance: Explore the magic of automated configurations, reducing setup complexities.
  • Financial Ingenuity: Uncover a strategic approach that significantly reduced costs, providing both short-term relief and long-term predictability.
  • User Experience Revolution: Get a glimpse of how user experiences were revolutionized, allowing seamless connectivity for internal users, guests, and tailored environments.

Why Download the Full Case Study?

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of simplifying your campus network, enhancing resilience, and significantly reducing costs, this case study is your golden ticket. Download now to unlock the full story and witness the evolution of Linköping University’s campus network.

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