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Unifying HR Operations Across 6 Countries with Darwinbox

MatchMove unlocked the value of HR data by shifting to an integrated HR platform

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Making Waves In Digital Payments

MatchMove, a fast-growing fintech start-up, is on the map all over South and Southeast Asia, and has an aim to further expand internationally. With major funding and strong leadership at the helm, the company has wind in its sails.

But MatchMove was weighed down by a legacy HR system cobbled together over several years, consisting of various local players. This prevented the seamless flowing of data across all systems, and hence a holistic view of the workforce was not possible. However, data is the rudder for any modern organization that wants to scale with speed.

Read The Case Study To Find Out Why Darwinbox Became The Choice For A Company That:

  • Wanted to be empowered with holistic employee data for strategic decision making.

  • Had multiple, disparate systems which they wanted to replace with a holistic, hire-to-retire HR platform.

  • Sought to provide a consistent employee experience across multiple countries to be able to scale with speed.


Read the entire case study to learn more about MatchMove’s Digital HR Transformation Journey.

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