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How Quick Heal Leveraged OKRs on Darwinbox to Catalyse Organisational Expansion

Aligning 1000+ employees with org-wide goals using a versatile PMS

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Enabling Quick Heal’s Ambitious Company Goals

In 2018, already a leader in the antivirus segment, Quick Heal sought to expand and diversify. The leadership did a reorg to make their teams nimbler and more collaborative, but the question remained how to drive accountability across the workforce.

Leadership found that the answer lay in the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) performance framework, and they knew they needed the right PMS to implement it. Darwinbox provided a robust and flexible platform that could be configured to Quick Heal’s needs, laying the foundation for a smooth paradigm-shift.

Darwinbox HR Tech Helped Quick Heal In:

  • Making goal-setting more transparent, connected, and adaptive.

  • Achieving culture change within 1 year.

  • 70% mobile adoption.

  • Positively impacting performance with cascading goals.

Read the entire case study to learn more about Quick Heal's Digital HR Transformation Journey.

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