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University of Sriwijaya

Building the digital foundation for excellence.

The University of Sriwijaya (UNSRI) is the largest state university in South Sumatera, Indonesia. Its 712 acres of land also makes it the largest university in Southeast Asia. Built in 1960, UNSRI offers 55 different majors under twelve faculties and has a student population of more than 35,000. UNSRI is one of 10 state universities implementing a Smart Education Campus program to digitally transform their systems and reach world-class status.  

Embark on a journey with the University of Sriwijaya (UNSRI), where digital transformation meets educational excellence! 


  • Digital Upgrade: Experience UNSRI’s strategic move to replace legacy systems and connect data centers, elevating the university’s technological prowess.
  • Smart Education Campus: Explore how UNSRI aligns with the Smart Education Campus initiative, enhancing communication and collaboration across faculties.
  • Trusted Partnership: Discover why ALE, a reliable collaborator, was the catalyst for UNSRI’s digital success, delivering within a tight timeline.

Why Download the Full Case Study?

  • In-Depth Insights: Gain a comprehensive understanding of UNSRI’s transformative journey.
  • Strategic Learnings: Uncover strategies that propelled UNSRI toward digital excellence.
  • Inspiration for Your Institution: Discover innovative approaches applicable to your educational institution.

Ready to Dive Deeper? Unveil the complete story of UNSRI’s digital evolution. 

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