How to Select a Virtual NGFW

The rise of hybrid work and rapid cloud adoption has enhanced user connectivity but also expanded the attack surface, necessitating robust network security. Organizations, driven by digital transformation and factors like IoT, remote work demands, and IT-OT convergence, recognize the need for collaborative security tools. 

The document discusses the importance of selecting a virtual Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) in the context of the increasing complexity of network security. It highlights the challenges posed by the shift to a hybrid workforce and the adoption of cloud services, which have expanded the attack surface and increased the need for complete visibility across the distributed infrastructure.

The document emphasizes the need for a unified security platform, known as a hybrid mesh firewall (HMF), which can provide coordinated protection across various areas of enterprise IT, including corporate sites, data centers, public and private clouds, and remote workers. It outlines 10 key criteria for evaluating and selecting NGFWs for enterprise edges or data centers.

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