Master English Communication From Basic to Brilliant: Skilldom's MEC Awaits!

This comprehensive MEC course, delivered through action-packed modules, contains the following lessons:

  • Pre-assessment: Test your English level to tailor your learning.
  • Master the 8 parts of speech that build English grammar.
  • Learn common nouns, the foundation of English language.
  • Understand word order in affirmative sentences.
  • Master word order in interrogative sentences.
  • Choose the right action verbs for lively writing.
  • Avoid incorrect usage of Do, Give, Take, Make.
  • Select the correct Be verbs for accurate grammar.
  • Learn simple and progressive forms of Be verbs.
  • Understand gerunds, infinitives, and participles.
  • Master Subject, Verb, Object, and Indirect Object.
  • Learn verb forms, auxiliaries, and modals for clear tenses.
  • Understand number and person of nouns and pronouns.
  • Master tense selection for accurate verb conjugation.
  • Learn more about verb forms and their communication.
  • Understand articles and other determiners.
  • Master pronouns and proper usage.
  • Learn adjectives and their positions in sentences.
  • Understand and use adverbs to modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.
  • Master the position of adverbs for sentence clarity.
  • Learn prepositions and their role in demonstrating concepts.
  • Understand active and passive voice for effective writing.
  • Learn direct and indirect speech for accurate reporting.
  • Master verb forms in voice and speech for clear communication.
  • Understand and use parallel structure for coherency.
  • Avoid redundancy and write concisely.
  • Master punctuation for clear and structured writing.
  • Build vocabulary and improve retention through figures of speech.
  • Power up your writing with different sentence structures.
  • Understand and use mood in sentences.
  • Avoid common errors made by advanced English users.

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