Take Charge: Elevate Your Leadership Skills with Skilldom

What you’ll learn in the ‘Leadership Skills’ course:

  • What is leadership?
  • Servant leadership
  • Critical mistakes Leaders make
  • Introduction to the laws of progression
  • A personal Mission Statement is a must
  • Accountability
  • A desperate need to accomplish the goal
  • Mentally achieve before you can physically accomplish
  • Choose to stay ahead of the pack
  • Anticipate and prepare for obstacles
  • Stronger The Spirit, Higher The Success
  • Make each day count
  • Finish What has been started
  • Act Now
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Traits of a Successful Leader
  • The 4 styles of team performance mindsets
  • Building a cohesive team culture
  • Fostering good relationships among team members
  • Boss Subordinate relationship
  • Communicate to Express and Build!
  • Talking to someone who doesn’t listen?
  • Styles and Adaptions
  • Managing Change
  • Reactions to change
  • Making change happen
  • Resilience is key to drive change
  • Stages of Change Management
  • Leadership & Crisis Management
  • Leadership & Innovation

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