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Adopting new security strategies to strengthen API-first software development

Just as advances in software development are fast-paced, so is the evolution of security threats. Vulnerabilities can compromise data, applications, and networks, with the average cost of a security breach in a hybrid cloud environment reported to stand at $3.6 million. Organizations must make significant investments to strengthen their software security, particularly as systems become more open and connected and increasingly reliant on APIs to connect services and transfer data. Adding security measures at the end of a development process is insufficient. Instead, security must “shift-left” to the earliest stages so that developers mitigate threats that could lead to costly remediations later in the lifecycle.

Download this report by Cisco and SlashData for insights into the following:

  • Developers’ exposure to API security exploits and their outlook on security
  • The extent to which developers consider security during the early stages of development
  • How developers are using automation tools to detect and remediate threats
About Cisco Developer

Cisco helps developers deliver secure, performant applications by providing deep insight into the inner workings of their applications, networks, and security postures, no matter where applications run: from on-premises data centers to the cloud to the edge.

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