A Retail Focused Data Strategy Book

In the age of New Retail, Online-to-Offline (O2O) and omnichannel offerings are quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception. The best performers in this ultra-competitive market are those who persistently reinvent their business models and organizations to evolve with the times. In parallel to investments in physical assets, brands and retailers must develop digital capabilities especially in data management and advanced analytics to start consolidating, managing and ultimately extracting value from their data assets.

The cost of bad data can be extremely high, where 76% of retailers believe that their bottom line is impacted by bad data, and that 12% of their retail revenue is lost due to incorrect information.

Download this booklet to see how retailers in your industry

  • Tackle their digital transformation roadblocks,
  • Transform their organization with global best practices, and
  • Become the successful customer-centric brands they are today.


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