API Security: A Growing Challenge in Complex Operating Environments

For application developers, modern architectural choices have delivered the flexibility, scalability, and consistency that monolithic, multi-tiered systems never could. However, these decisions have come at a cost to security. This new architectural model, bound together by APIs, can expose systems to new kinds of security risks.

In partnership with research firm SlashData, Cisco surveyed more than 800 software developers, architects, and their managers to better understand the challenges enterprise developers face in addressing security while adopting modern methods of application design. Encouragingly, a majority of enterprise developers are involved in security-related activities during early development stages. For these organizations, security is shifting left.

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Cisco helps developers deliver secure, performant applications by providing deep insight into the inner workings of their applications, networks, and security postures, no matter where applications run: from on-premises data centers to the cloud to the edge.

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