Build a Better Data Strategy: Practical Insights From 11 Data and Analytics Leaders

Discover the key elements of a winning data strategy according to top CDOs

A good data strategy governs, organizes, analyzes, and deploys your organization’s data effectively and efficiently. A great data strategy does all this while advancing your company’s strategic business goals. It supercharges business performance across the organization and creates competitive advantage. It builds trust and a shared vision among key stakeholders and delivers practical, incremental and demonstrable value back to the business.

But how do you do it?

Check out the “Build a Better Data Strategy” report to discover the key elements, strategic learnings and insights you need to build a winning data strategy. You’ll get expert level advice from 11 of the world’s top data and analytics leaders from companies like eBay, Johnson and Johnson, Deutsche Bank and more.

Playbook highlights include expert advice on how to:

  • Define your data strategy
  • Change management for data strategy success
  • Drive data democratization and sharing
  • Develop a strong data culture and literacy
  • Establish good data governance
  • Build a data management foundation
  • Implement automation and AI/ML


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