Level Up Your Active Directory Security with Attack Path Management

Patching, vulnerability management, and detection & response are no longer enough. Get the AD security and cyber resilience you need now by layering on attack path management.

  • This ebook offers a comprehensive exploration of attack path management in the context of Active Directory (AD) security. 

  • It delves into the intricacies of attack paths, their potential impact on an organization’s security, and the importance of implementing attack path management as a strategic approach to bolstering AD security. 

  • You’ll get to know the multifaceted nature of attack paths, the concept of choke points, and how identifying and remedying these critical junctures can significantly reduce an organization’s exposure to potential attacks. 

  • Additionally, you’ll learn about the role of attack path management in uncovering complex routes that adversaries can exploit to compromise AD, ultimately emphasizing the need for a layered security approach that encompasses patch management, vulnerability management, threat detection and response, and attack path management. 

  • The ebook also provides practical analogies and examples to illustrate key concepts, making it a valuable resource for understanding and implementing effective AD security strategies.

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