Ultimate Cyber-Resiliency: A Guide to Combatting AD Security Villains

Defend your hybrid Active Directory from risks, threats and disaster.

Active Directory (AD) is a crucial cornerstone for every organization, and ensuring its security is vital for continuity and success. 

As cyber threats grow in intelligence and persistence, safeguarding AD is paramount for your business’s continuity and success. This ebook explores the challenges and solutions for achieving hybrid AD cyber-resiliency.

Key Points:

  • AD: A Prime Target: Understand why cyber criminals relentlessly target AD, knowing it’s the gateway to enterprise control.
  • Real Threats, Real Numbers: In 2021, over 25 billion brute-force attacks on Azure AD accounts were reported. Shockingly, 88% of impacted organizations lacked AD and Azure AD security best practices.
  • It’s Not If, But When: The threat is imminent. Ransomware, insider threats, misconfigurations – the danger is real. Learn how to be prepared.

Download our ebook now and discover how Quest can be your partner in conquering AD security villains.

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