Vehicle Electrification: Collaborative Virtual Development Environment

Accelerate EV development with a collaborative virtual environment

The explosive growth of the EV market demands an agile and collaborative manufacturing approach. However, many manufacturers struggle with fragmented processes, siloed teams, and inefficient communication, hindering their ability to innovate and keep pace. 

Siemens Vehicle Electrification solutions tackles these challenges by providing a unified, collaborative virtual environment. This enables manufacturers to:

  • Improve decision making with continuous collaboration breaking down information silos. 
  • Speed development streamlining design processes, reducing quote to production cycle time by 30%.
  • Reduce errors with a model-based, correct-by-construction design approach, minimizing errors and rework for a 40% decrease in fault diagnosis time.
  • Achieve operational excellence by sharing product information with the manufacturing team earlier, boosting overall efficiency and reducing costs.

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