Choose the Right Switch for Every Application

In this guidebook, we will explore three major switch categories — unmanaged, lightly managed, and managed — and their strengths and weaknesses, along with use cases for each. In addition to partnering with a knowledgeable resource, this document can help guide the selection of the best-fit switches for your application.

What’s in this guidebook? 

  • Discover the challenges and solutions in bridging OT and IT systems for seamless connectivity in the age of Industry 4.0.
  • Explore the guidebook’s breakdown of three major switch categories – unmanaged, lightly managed, and managed. Uncover use cases, strengths, and weaknesses for each, empowering you to make informed choices.
  • Delve into the world of cybersecurity challenges accompanying increased connectivity. Learn how reputable manufacturers like Moxa are fortifying their hardware against cyber threats.
  • Understand the advantages of different switch types – managed, lightly managed, and unmanaged. Tailor your selection to match the scale and criticality of your applications.
  • Get insights into specific switch models like Moxa EDS-4000/G4000 Series PoE managed switches for IP surveillance networks and Moxa EDS-2000/G2000-EL/ELP unmanaged switches for compact spaces and harsh environments.

Ready to embark on a journey towards industrial connectivity excellence? Click to download the guidebook and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to make impactful network decisions.

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