Discover Harris CareTracker: Revolutionizing Healthcare One Practice at a Time

Main Features of the software:

1. Introduction to Harris Care Tracker Practice Management (PM): Harris Care Tracker PM as an advanced web-based system designed to optimize administrative processes for physician practices. The system’s built-in workloads and real-time reporting functionality, which are aimed at improving efficiency, accuracy, and administrative management. The goal is to ensure practices receive the correct reimbursement in a timely manner.

2. Role-Based Dashboard: The system features an interactive, role-based dashboard. This dashboard automatically prioritizes worklists for all areas of a practice, including the front office and billing. This feature is designed to facilitate smooth and efficient day-to-day operation. For management purposes, the dashboard provides detailed account and financial data, offering insights into the practice’s operations and financial status.

3. Patient Arrival and Verification: When patients arrive at the office, Harris Care Tracker PM offers a convenient patient search feature. This allows easy verification of patient demographics, account balance, and co-pay. Additionally, the system provides real-time eligibility checking, ensuring that the patient’s insurance coverage is up-to-date and accurate.

4. Scheduling Module: The video discusses the scheduling module of Harris Care Tracker PM, which is designed to simplify the scheduling of all resources within a practice. This includes rooms, physicians, equipment, and staff. The module provides a visual overview of when a patient has checked in, their location within the practice, and makes it simple for staff to schedule new appointments or accept payments with just a few clicks.

5. Claims Management: Harris Care Tracker PM includes a rules-based front-end clinical editing tool. This tool scrubs outgoing claims prior to submission, ensuring higher first pass pay rates. If there are errors in the claims, they are automatically put on hold so they can be researched, corrected, and successfully processed on the same day. This feature is designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of billing processes.

6. Unpaid Claims and Reporting: The system allows easy viewing of unpaid claims and routes them by financial class. This ensures that open claims are worked on promptly and issues are resolved before they can escalate into problems. Additionally, Harris Care Tracker PM offers a full library of reports and the ability to create custom reports to meet specific business needs.

7. Conclusion: Summarizing the benefits of Harris Care Tracker PM. By automating time-consuming tasks, the system enables physician practices to streamline operations, achieve greater efficiency, improve billing processes, and ensure proper reimbursement is received for the patient care provided.

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