The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up OKRs In Your Org

Complete with an Action Kit to start immediately

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What's in the guide?

  • What exactly are OKRs and why they work.

  • An 11-step detailed process for a smooth implementation.

  • 7+ Ready-to-use presentation decks, communication plans, posters, email templates, and other collateral to aid your implementation journey.

  • Ideas to get buy-in from your management team and easy adoption by your organisation.

In 1974, John Doer learnt about a phenomenal performance management philosophy at Intel. Later, he joined Google and infected them with the idea of OKRs. Today it is almost viral across enterprises, both in the West and the East.

If you believe in the power of OKRs but are struggling to sell it to your management,

OR if you are looking for a roadmap to implement the OKRs,

OR if you have a clear strategy to adopt OKRs and can use some ready-made materials to start immediate implementation, you’re at the right place!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to implement OKRs in your organisation, bundled with some extremely useful templates and actionable documents that you can use immediately to get started on your OKR journey.

Read this guide now to successfully implement OKRs in your organization.

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