The Definitive Guide to Generative AI for Industry

The impact of AI is no longer confined to individual machines; it is now reshaping entire production systems, prompting significant shifts in how industries operate. As its reach and influence expand, AI is transitioning from a supplemental technology to a core component of modern industrial operations.

This comprehensive guide sponsored by our partner, Cognite, provides a how-to for industry leaders looking to leverage generative AI to propel their organizations toward significant growth. 

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A glimpse of what’s inside: 

  • The four things you need to know about generative AI for industry.
  • Learn the simple formula to apply generative AI to your industry. 
  • Defining industrial knowledge gaps.
  • Demystifying LLMs.
  • Making generative AI work for industry.
  • Contextualization, data models and digital twins.
  • Use cases for industrial generative AI.

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