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On-demand webinar

Registration for the live webinar ended on Thu, November 10. However, you can register here to instantly watch the on-demand recording.

Who should watch

  • Chief data officers

  • Analytics professionals

  • Data scientists

  • Business intelligence

  • Product team

  • Analysts/strategists


Watch this webinar to hear from data leaders at AWS, Mastercard, and senior industry experts about how third-party data is empowering data pipelines and aiding in creating new capabilities and optimized systems.



Data pipelines are crucial in optimizing processes for organizations, but most have yet to fully maximize the first step in the pipeline chain; the data. Including third-party data in data pipelines helps to create an automated, holistic network of actionable insights and enables streamlined processes, resulting in: 

  • Efficiency – the ability to reuse existing processes for new data sets
  • Flexibility – being able to easily and safely access data when required
  • Scalability – the ability to build and adapt to meet demand


  • How data sets affect the decision-making process
  • How to optimize data handling and improve reporting on results
  • The key to advancing data pipelines
  • Hear about different use cases of data pipelines from industry leaders
  • How to implement autonomous AWS data solutions to provide filtering and data cleansing
  • How to find, discover, and use third-party data and APIs from AWS Data Exchange

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