Technology and the talent gap

Bridging the skills gap to unlock the potential of cloud technology

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In the era of rapid technological advancement, the mismatch between the swift evolution of technology and an organization’s ability to adapt can create a complex cloud environment. This complexity often results in a significant skills gap, wherein organizations lack the necessary expertise in key areas like cloud computing, automation, data analytics, and cybersecurity. Such a gap can impede an organization’s transition to the cloud, hindering its efficiency and security. 

To overcome this challenge, organizations must take proactive measures to identify and bridge these skill deficiencies through training, recruitment, or external collaborations. Failing to address the skills gap can lead to operational bottlenecks and missed opportunities in the ever-changing landscape of cloud technology adoption.

Get some peer insights where we surveyed 500 IT decision-makers spanning the UK, Benelux, North America, and Australia to understand if and how the cloud skills shortage is affecting IT teams and their priorities in 2024.

The document discusses:

  • The skills gap in cloud technology and how it hinders organizational cloud adoption
  • The need for expertise in areas such as cloud computing, automation, data analytics, and cybersecurity
  • The survey results showing a lack of cloud skills and its negative impact on organizations
  • The delays in digital transformation projects 
  • Upskilling the existing IT team and investing in cloud-managed services as ways to bridge the skills gap
  • Key areas to focus on for talent reorientation and the importance of staying updated on cloud advancements

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