Protecting Your Hybrid and Hyperscale Data Centers

When it comes to data centers, ensuring the security of critical applications and resources has become an imperative task.

Key Challenges in securing critical applications and resources:

Hybrid Design Complexity:

  • Protecting distributed data centers with composable and scalable architectures.
  • Hybrid designs seamlessly connect branches, campus, on-premises, and cloud-based data centers.
  • Operational agility with cloud deployment for business-critical apps while ensuring compliance on-premises.
  • Better support for shifting workforce demands, enabling access from any location.

Consistent Security Across Environments:

  • Ensuring security, visibility, and control for applications deployed across different environments.
  • On-premises data centers must safeguard essential apps, data, and workloads due to policy or regulatory requirements.
  • Critical considerations for providing access to employees, customers, and partners from various locations.

Hyperscale Architectures and Security Challenges:

  • Enterprises adopting hyperscale architectures to meet growing business demands.
  • Hyper-performance strategy introduces unique security challenges, especially in hybrid data centers.
  • Legacy security tools struggle with essential services at line rates, impacting performance, scale, and user experience.
  • Risks associated with reduced overall security in hyperscale and hyper-performance environments.

Struggles of Traditional Security Solutions:

  • Traditional security solutions fall short in meeting hybrid data center performance and scale requirements.
  • Organizations forced to choose between accelerating data and applications or accepting high costs with traditional tools.
  • Security becomes a bottleneck in such environments, risking compromise for the sake of performance.
  • Security lapses increase the likelihood of disruptive attacks, financial losses, and damage to brand reputation.

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