Why Digital Acceleration Needs a Hybrid Mesh Firewall Approach

In the pursuit of business growth and meeting objectives, organizations of all sizes have embraced digital transformation—a trend accelerated by the challenges posed by the global pandemic. The necessity to swiftly migrate applications to the cloud, a consequence of this acceleration, heightened cybersecurity risks. It also burdened infrastructure teams with the challenge of managing various platform-specific security tools.  

As the core of this transformation involves adopting public clouds and updating data centers, there is a crucial need to prioritize the security and seamless management of networks and data across diverse cloud environments and data centers. 

In this point of view by Fortinet, we will:

  • Explore the challenges organizations face in securing their networks during the digital acceleration journey to the cloud. 
  • Delve into the critical role of a Hybrid Mesh Firewall (HMF) in addressing security concerns associated with diverse cloud deployments.
  • Discuss key challenges such as uncontrolled outbound communications, lateral movement of threats, limited bandwidth for secure connectivity, and fragmented management and policy infrastructure. 
  • Outline an effective roadmap for protecting the cloud network at each phase of the organization’s cloud transformation.

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