2023 Pen Testing Report

Over the years, penetration testing has become an integral component in proactive approaches to security, evaluating and prioritizing risk before breaches occur. Through the exploitation of identified security vulnerabilities, penetration testing can effectively measure the feasibility of systems or end-user compromise and evaluate any related consequences such incidents may have on the involved resources or operations.  

In order to get a better picture of how cybersecurity professionals are using penetration testing in the field, Core Security has developed an annual survey, gathering data on pen testing strategies and the resources required to deploy a successful pen testing program. The 2023 Pen Testing Report provides an analysis of the results, shedding light on the strengths, needs, trends, and challenges of pen testing. 

With 94% of respondents reporting that it is at least somewhat important to their general security posture and 84% of respondents getting pen tests at least once a year, the value of penetration testing is well established. Though getting sufficient resources remains a challenge, pen testing continually elevates the security of an IT environment by providing guidance on how to reduce risks, close security gaps, and stay compliant with important security regulations.  

Within the report, you’ll find additional insights from cybersecurity professionals across all industries on their experiences with pen testing, including: 

  • Reasons for pen testing  
  • How increased compliance initiatives have impacted testing strategies  
  • Common evaluation criteria for pen testing tools  
  • The split between in-house and third-party resources  
  • Complementary security tools and services 

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