2024 CX Pulse Report: Top Brands’ Winning Strategies

A pulse check on how the world’s most-loved brands are driving CX success in the age of AI

In a world where customer experience is rapidly evolving, over 37% of companies
are prioritizing ease of use, AI capabilities, and sophisticated reporting. Yet, a select
few brands are still achieving irrational customer loyalty, even amidst the rise of AI
and shifting customer expectations.

So how are they doing it?

Gladly has connected with over 7,000 community members and analyzed
performance data from 300+ Gladly users to uncover the trends and technologies
driving customer loyalty.

Read the 2024 Gladly CX Pulse Report to learn:

● How to leverage AI across various channels
● Enhance cross-functional collaboration
● Understand customer behavior
● Boost loyalty programs
● And much more

About Gladly: Gladly is the only customer service software that combines the strengths of AI and human agents to prioritize helping customers, not solving tickets. Learn how this radically personal approach saves costs, boosts revenue, and builds loyalty for your business at https://www.gladly.com/

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