A New Era of Shopping: The Rise and Role of Convenience Retail in Today’s Market

Despite the challenges faced by the broader retail landscape over the last several years, convenience retail is growing, thriving even, with many major brands aggressively expanding not just their physical stores, but the services they offer within them. In this mini-report, we will focus on five key areas that customers prioritize in their c-store shopping experiences, seeking insight into why many c-stores are already at an advantage in responding to changes in consumer preferences, and how they can yet improve.

Read on to learn:

  • More about the challenges faced by c-stores and the broader retail industry, and some of the tools available to help address them.
  • How c-stores can equip themselves to reduce wait times and cater to a wider range of consumer preferences.
  • Why the expansion of services–both in terms of what is being offered and its quality–is a successful strategy in c-store management today as customers’ concept of convenience evolves.