Big Bets: 4 Cloud Applications That Will Rock 2024

Cloud technologies are rapidly taking over the retail world, offering enhanced functionality, speed, transparency, and unprecedented scalability. It is a fundamental advancement in data and network infrastructure technology that provides a major competitive advantage to any retailer who invests—so long as they configure it to their needs. 

Download this report to learn about the four biggest trends set to hit the cloud tech landscape, including:

· Modern, Fast Real-Time Inventory Management: Facilitating real-time, active inventory monitoring with crystal clear transparency and usability.

· Next Generation Supply Chains: In addition to greater visibility on supply chain conditions, realize unprecedented, always-on reliability in data-centered supply chain management.

· Artificial Intelligence from Above: The Cloud and AI: Why cloud and AI-based technologies will be running so much of the retail industry going forward.

· Next Generation Cloud-Based Data Management Strategies: How to plan for and execute data management strategies that leverage the cloud, unifying customer and backend data.

Special thanks to our Retail Cloud Alliance contributors Microsoft, Icertis, Adobe, Sunrise Technologies, and Blue Yonder. 


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