Empowering Customer Centricity: Navigating Cloud Migration and Implementation

Cloud technologies have transformed how the retail world manages, stores, and leverages its key data. By creating the infrastructure for more demanding applications such as AI and machine learning to flourish, it has also created new opportunities for the customer experience that go beyond what was previously thought possible.

In this report by RETHINK Retail and the Retail Cloud Alliance, we will look at the role of the cloud in the CX of 2024 by examining how it allows for the retail stores of tomorrow to begin flourishing today. Download this report to learn…

  • How the rapid expansion of the cloud is transforming the industry, with over 70% of enterprises set to use the cloud to drive their future growth.

  • How the cloud facilitates next-generation infrastructure planning with unprecedented scalability and speed.

  • Why cloud systems are key to enabling some of retail’s biggest digital transformation goals, from unified commerce to GenAI.

Special thanks to our Retail Cloud Alliance contributors Microsoft, Adobe, and Blue Yonder.