Grocery Trends Report 2023

The grocery industry is in the middle of a transformation. RETHINK Retail’s report “Grocery Trends 2023: Navigating Sea Changes with Innovative Technology” performs a deep dive into industry trends and forecasts from a range of SMEs so that you can know how to stay resilient and profitable going into 2024 and beyond.

Get the scoop on:

  • What some of the top challenges faced by grocers are from a variety of perspectives, including coping with–and understanding–an inflationary climate.

  • How tech innovations such as increasingly robust, AI-powered self-checkout systems (projected to grow to $12.01 billion by 2029) help build critical resiliency.

  • The factors informing why shoppers are reassessing ‘value’ today (e.g., why 63% of private brand shoppers now consider private brands to be a good value).

    Retail Leaders and Experts

    Featuring insights from thought leaders and experts from FMI, IGD, Axonify, Amazon Web Services, TruRating, Fortinet and Diebold Nixdorf among others, including Doug Baker, Philip Scrutton, Suzanne Long, Scott Langdoc, Pavel Grabowski, JD Dillon, Tom Rudar, Jeffrey Berquist, Phil Lempert, Anna Barber, Matt Nichols, and many others!


    Matt Redwood / VP Retail
    Technology with Diebold Nixdorf

    Matt Redwood is Vice President – Retail Technology with Diebold Nixdorf with over a decade of experience in the industry. Matt is a strategic and business transformational leader with extensive experience within the Retail technology sector. His expertise lies in business development and strategic focus with proven, year on year growth, and his work includes the fastest growing global business within Diebold Nixdorf, with double digit growth year on year since 2017.

    Doug Baker / VP of Industry
    Relations with FMI

    Doug Baker, Vice President, Industry Relations with FMI (The Food Industry Association), has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Doug has diversified industry experience spanning retail operations, CPG manufacturing, private brand development, and marketing, and is recognized for developing strategies meeting the needs of suppliers, customers, and consumers.

    Philip Scrutton / Director for Consumer Insights with BrandSpark International

    Philip Scrutton, an industry expert with nearly 20 years experience, is Director for Consumer Insights with BrandSpark International. He has directed research for the BrandSpark Shopper Study in Canada, the US and international markets, as well as the leading consumer voted CPG award program, the Best New Product Awards.

    Phil Lempert / Founder and CEO of SupermarketGuru,

    With over 30 years of experience in food and retail, Phil Lempert is the founder and CEO of SupermarketGuru, one of the leading online resources for consumers and industry professionals. As a trend analyst and speaker, Phil helps retailers and manufacturers understand and anticipate the changing needs and preferences of today’s shoppers. He also educates and motivates audiences through his keynote addresses, podcasts, videos, and articles on various topics related to food, health, and shopping.


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