How New AI Strategies Are Helping Bridge the Consumer Expectation Gap

In the fast-evolving world of retail, a crucial gap lies hidden in plain sight: the divergence between consumer perceptions of their shopping experience and how retailers evaluate their own performance. This disconnect not only affects customer satisfaction but also poses a significant challenge for retailers striving to meet evolving expectations.

Discover the critical insights from RETHINK Retail and Lily AI’s groundbreaking survey of over 1,000 North American shoppers across the fashion, home, and beauty sectors. Learn how consumer expectations are shifting and how leading retailers are leveraging cutting-edge AI to narrow the gap between consumer experience and retailer perception.

Our exclusive report delves into the heart of retail’s biggest challenge: the validity of the data used to measure customer experience (CX) performance. With a focus on actual consumer sentiments versus retailer assumptions, this comprehensive analysis reveals the stark differences in how each group views the shopping journey.


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