Price Points Live Rundown: Global Perspectives on eCommerce in an Inflationary Climate

Omnia Retail recently hosted the latest Price Points Live event. This time, the expert panel focused on the challenges retailers face through a modern inflationary lens, particularly when it comes to pricing and finding ways to keep customers engaged.

A RETHINK Retail exclusive report on Global Perspectives on eCommerce in an Inflationary Climate

This report is a rundown of their findings, insights, and lessons, all translatable into better organized, better functioning, more sustainable, and more profitable operations for retailers of any stripe.

Look inside to find: 

  • What exactly drives inflation, how central banks play into the rates, and what a near-term forecast might look like.
  • How even relatively simple marketing strategy tweaks based on modern consumer behavioral research can have an outsized impact on sales.
  • How E-Commerce is more sustainable than you might think while better understanding how packaging and delivery innovations can impact that sustainability.
  • Why the interaction between retailers and brands is essential to a functional price strategy.
  • What the different types of ‘price’ are and why it is important to understand profitability in terms of ‘true profits.’