Regional Summary

from the 2024 Data Protection Trends Report

APJ Edition

The 2024 Data Protection Trends Report provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of data protection and IT service delivery.  

  • The report highlights significant gaps between business unit expectations and IT teams’ ability to fulfill service level agreements (SLAs). 
  • It reveals that 85% of organizations acknowledge an ‘availability gap’; 76% acknowledge a ‘protection gap’ regarding data resilience and recovery, and 25% reported multiple ransomware attacks in the past year.
  • The report highlights the increasing importance of cyber resiliency and disaster recovery in organizations.
  • It discusses the challenges and gaps in data protection, including ransomware attacks and the need for cloud-hosted workload protection.
  • It addresses the impact of cyber threats on digital transformation initiatives and the need for continual improvement in cyber resiliency processes.
  • It emphasizes the importance of testing data recovery capabilities and the potential job changes in the data protection field.
  • The report suggests that organizations may need to consider switching to managed backup services and recruiting data protection talent to address skill shortages.

The Regional Summary from the 2024 Data Protection Trends Report serves as a comprehensive guide for organizations to assess their data protection strategies, address the challenges posed by cyber threats and ransomware, and prioritize the recruitment and retention of data protection talent to strengthen their cyber resiliency efforts.

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