Retail Cloud Alliance: Facing a Fiercely Competitive Market with Data Analytics

As consumer behaviors and expectations continue to shift, retailers must continuously adjust their strategies in order to keep up. Data is a key component to unlocking hidden opportunities. Every customer action, from the first touchpoint to the purchase, creates a digital footprint. For retailers, it’s important to leverage this data to gain insights into their customers’ shopping and purchasing behaviors, to create a holistic customer view.


A RETHINK Retail exclusive report on Facing a Fiercely Competitive Market with Data Analytics

Explore the evolution of the customer shopping journey and see how today’s leading retailers are using data insights and analytics to create powerful, personalized experiences that capture the interest and loyalty of the modern shopper. Gain insight into how these retailers are giving shoppers what they want, when they want it, and how they want it—making the customer experience more seamless than ever before.

Download to get the scoop on: 

  • The challenges of collecting data across applications.
  • How to unlock omnichannel insights with cloud applications and advanced analytics. 
  • Unlocking insights using your first-party shopper data.

  • The value of loyalty programs and what they can tell you about the consumer. 
  • Why the holistic view is critical and the advantages of unified data.


About The Report:

The Retail Cloud Alliance (RCA) brings together innovators and experts who are making strides in retail technology and transforming the way retailers conduct business. RCA brings forth proven solutions and insights that retail executives can turn to when making decisions to enhance operations and customer experience. With a focus in Retail Analytics (Data Insights and Logistics) & Retail Experience (Customer Journey and Workforce Empowerment), RCA covers a wide range of expertise to help you reimagine retail.