A RETHINK Retail exclusive report on the Retail Trends that will shape 2023

This report surveys a variety of expert perspectives on where those innovations can lead going into 2023 and beyond:

  • How LiveCommerce and Web3 facilitate relationship building in a way that was once solely the purview of brick-and-mortar.
  • How modern, data-driven advertising can be optimized through data collection and analysis techniques that are not only increasingly complex but cost-effective.
  • How demand forecasting has benefitted from new advancements, and how some of the most exciting technologies—including AI and machine learning—fit into it and other store operations.
  • How to drive in-store productivity by building and sustaining a frontline workforce through IoT devices and ‘smart’ customer support innovations.
  • How cultivating a Web3-integrated, omnichannel store experience captivates customers, curates their shopping experiences, and drives customer loyalty.
  • Why sustainability is the future of business operations, and how getting out ahead of the curve can endear customers to your brand.