The Rise of Self-Scanning Tech

Today’s competitive retail is defined by speed, flexibility, and efficiency, particularly when it comes to the customer experience. One preferred channel for customers on-the-go is mobile commerce, a market that is estimated to reach $3.4b by 2027 and make up 63% of all eCommerce sales by 2028.

Learn how one of the latest in-store innovations is here to further transform the in-store experience, bringing the personalization and convenience of eCommerce to brick-and-mortar retail. With mobile self-scanning solutions, you can give your customers more control over their in-store journeys than ever before.

Download our latest report in partnership with Diebold Nixdorf to learn more about:

– Why 82% of retail executives consider smart check-out as one of the most important technologies moving forward.

– How mobile and IoT devices merge effortlessly with self-checkout technologies, important when 73% of customers now prefer self-checkout to staffed lines. 

– Why personalizing the in-store experience has never been more important, and how self-scanning tech can help boost your CX to the next level of digital transformation.Tune in for our latest webinar all about the ways these technologies enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and help you and your team to bump up your CX game.