Simplify Wired and Wireless Network Security with the Fortinet LAN Edge Solution

In the landscape of network security, safeguarding the local area network edge (LAN edge) is pivotal, yet often challenging.

The local area network edge (LAN edge) is one of the most challenging vectors to secure. There are a multitude of different users and devices that connect, plus copious amounts of data that all need to be protected. Add to that the growing number of inherently unsecured devices accessing the network as Internet-of-Things (IoT) deployments rise, and an enticing opportunity for attackers is created. Securing the LAN edge is critical to the success of every network. To cut down complexity, while effectively delivering secure network access, a solution is needed that:

  • Minimizes administration time
  • Scales easily to handle increasing, expanding use, and different topologies
  • Maximizes security capabilities

Part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, the Fortinet LAN Edge solution offers built-in security, end-to-end network visibility, integrated detection, and automated threat response.

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