Simplify Wired and Wireless Network Security with the Fortinet LAN Edge Solution

Are you grappling with the complexities of securing your local area network edge?  

Securing the Local Area Network Edge (LAN edge) has never been more crucial, given the multitude of users, devices, and the rising wave of IoT deployments. The evolving threat landscape, coupled with the ease of access through Cybercrime-as-a-Service, demands a robust solution.

Introducing the Fortinet LAN Edge solution, part of the Fortinet Security Fabric. This comprehensive solution minimizes administration time, scales effortlessly to meet growing demands, and maximizes security capabilities. From built-in security features to automated threat response, it’s your all-in-one answer to LAN edge security challenges.

What’s Inside: A Glimpse

  • Top Protection and Simplified Management: Learn how Fortinet Secure Connectivity consolidates security and network access, eliminating integration challenges.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Explore the adaptability of FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls across various configurations, form factors, and deployment styles.
  • Securing Campus, Branch Offices, and Remote Workforces: Understand how the LAN Edge Solution simplifies management in campus settings, secures branch offices with SD-Branch technology, and supports remote workers seamlessly.

Download our comprehensive document to dive into the details of Fortinet’s LAN Edge Solution. Gain insights into simplifying network management, reducing complexities, and enhancing security across your organization.

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