We’ve contracted with IDC to produce an exclusive Industry Spotlight, “Empathy at Scale at the Pace of Digital in Financial Services,” written by their leading retail banking analyst, Marc DeCastro.  

Over the past two years, many banking customers were forced to turn to digital-only solutions to conduct their banking as branches were closed and contact centers were difficult to reach. The industry responded by re-imagining its digital engagement strategies.  

This new Industry Spotlight illustrates these challenges and provides recommendations for how banks should invest in improving the customer experience, delivering communications with empathy and removing friction.

It covers: 

  • The 4 areas of data and technology banks need to connect to deliver a banking customer experience that shows empathy and builds trust 
  • The 3 key roadblocks that are preventing many financial services firms from creating this empathetic, personalized experience 
  • How banks need to think about removing friction and using AI to demonstrate contextual awareness in their communications 

Download the white paper to learn more.