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Read this ebook to learn top 6 cloud security trends for 2023 and beyond, plus better practices and tools to help improve your cloud security posture.

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Security analysts, security architects, security, engineers, cloud security architects, and the, office of the CISO (chief information security officer)



Thanks to increased clarity and understanding of the shared responsibility model, the security community has lessened its concerns about the cloud provider environment. The unfortunate flip side is that cloud consumers themselves aren’t doing their part to secure the cloud control plane, generating a renewed focus on cloud security.

Read this ebook from SANS and AWS to discover the top emerging security trends for 2023 and beyond and learn about best practices and tools that can help to improve the security posture of cloud deployments.


Exploring emerging trends in core cloud infrastructure and architecture

Getting started with security solutions such as network detection and response (NDR), zero trust, identity and access management (IAM), and more

Identifying AWS Partner solutions and services to implement and optimize security strategies

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