Top security trends in 2022 you need to know and how to get ahead of them

Hosted by:

James Spiteri

Product Marketing
Director, Elastic Security


In 2021, cybercriminals took advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, the ongoing shift to hybrid work, and the vulnerability of organizations to ransomware. Going into 2022, we can expect worsening threats and organizations will continue to be exposed to new security risks.

Join this virtual event as our security experts explore what’s on the horizon in the year 2022 — and share ways your company can get ahead with security analytics best practices, modernizing security operations, and practical advice to reduce threats and security breaches at your organization.

Learn how to:

  • Reduce the operational risk associated with remote working
  • Adopt data-driven automation for key threat detection processes
  • Equip your security teams to stop threats quickly and at cloud scale
  • Detect and respond to attacks faster at a fraction of the cost with XDR

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