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After hearing the name Intent Amplify, you must be wondering why to choose us when there are plenty of options available in the market. Right? Don’t worry we have the answer to your questions! Below are the USPs which make us stand out from the crowd. Let’s have a look at it!

  • We generate leads from prospects who have expressed explicit interest and permission to be contacted.
  • Focus on validating each record with multiple verification stages to ensure that the provided lead data is of the highest quality using our internal QC management platform for quality control.
  • We have a flexible & scalable approach.
  • Our tech stack consists of multiple tools and technologies to enhance lead quality and eradicate human intervention.
  • The database contains over 110 million plus records and is industry-agnostic, generating leads across the globe.
  • We assist our clients with intent-based leads. A team of internal resources makes us adaptable and dependable. An extensive understanding of the client’s pain factors makes us a 100% data-compliant company.
  • We offer our clients a full-funnel lead generation service that concentrates on driving MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) at the top of the funnel with confirmed intent and explicit permission to be contacted. Mid-Funnel SQL (Sales Qualified Leads) and BANT (Budget-Authority-Need-and-Timeline) leads are generated using a single-touch, double-touch, and multi-method strategy.
Maximizing B2B sales requires a strategic approach and our in-house experts can help your business achieve sales goals and drive business growth. So don’t wait – start building your pipeline today and take your B2B sales to the next level!

Best Regards,
Deep Jathar
Intent Amplify

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