See How Forsys’ Solution Integrates Salesforce & NetSuite in Real-Time

Welcome to the future of effortless financial synchronization, courtesy of Forsys’ advanced integration solution for Salesforce Revenue Cloud and NetSuite. Driven by the robust capabilities of MuleSoft at its core,  Forsys has ingeniously simplified and streamlined the synchronization of accounts, products, invoices, credit notes, and essential financial transactions.

Engineered for agility, scalability, and rapid implementation, Forsys is poised to transform how businesses handle their financial data across platforms.

Imagine a world where your financial data flows effortlessly between Salesforce Revenue Cloud and NetSuite ERP without a single hiccup. That’s the reality Forsys brings to the table.

Click play on our video to witness the magic & see invoices making the smooth leap from Salesforce into NetSuite, all thanks to our MuleSoft-powered solution’s ability to handle complex financial scenarios with ease. From creating new accounts and processing orders to managing intricate tax applications and credit note conversions, this solution does it all.

Video Highlights:

  • Invoice integration from Salesforce Revenue Cloud to NetSuite ERP
  • Credit notes integrate credit notes from Salesforce Revenue Cloud into NetSuite

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