Introduction to Elastic Security for Cloud

Hosted By:
Rajiv Raghunarayan
VP Product Marketing,

James Spiteri
Product Marketing Director,
Elastic Security

Sneha Sachidananda Director, Product Management, Cloud Security Elastic


With 95% of new digital workloads deployed on cloud-native platforms, security challenges have changed and increased. It’s more critical than ever for IT teams and security professionals to gain deep visibility into cloud workloads and perform expert prevention, detection, and response capabilities within their cloud environments to ensure strong security practices.

What if there was a new way to manage your cloud posture and ensure the security of your cloud workloads? Elastic Security for Cloud expands the capabilities of the Elastic Security solution, extending visibility from endpoints to the cloud and building on the open and integrated approach and rich security analytics capabilities already baked into Elastic.

Join our webinar, “Introduction to Elastic Security for Cloud,” where you’ll learn how to:

  • Protect your cloud deployments with rich visibility into your cloud posture
  • Gain runtime protection for cloud workloads with prevention, detection, and response capabilities — all in one integrated solution
  • Unify your security efforts with insights from your entire environment — from infrastructure to endpoint to cloud

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