Data on Demand: Sharing in the Legacy Information Feast

Like celebrity chefs in five-star restaurants, mainframe administrators are very protective and often stingy about the data they make available outside their “kitchens.” They can be forgiven for their limited or non-existent “menus,” keeping data locked away, as it is the crown jewels of their organizations.

The issue many organizations face is enabling their business analysts to understand what’s available, and be able to access this valuable data with minimal disruption to the operations that go on behind the scenes.

In this informative and entertaining webcast, Graham Hainbach, who leads Global Business Development at Amazon Web Services, and Mike Pickett, Vice President of Growth at StreamSets, join our host Joe McKendrick to discuss ways to select from more expansive menus of mainframe data to deploy to and make available though modern cloud environments.

From this sessions, you will learn:

  • How to get broader value out to business analysts from mainframe data in a real-time and seamless fashion
  • How to create a data dictionary or “menu” that enables analysts to explore the data sets available in back-end systems
  • The importance of working collaboratively with mainframe administrators

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