Don't Let Opportunities Slip Away: Study AI/ML to Future-Proof Your Tech Career

In today’s dynamic tech landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are not just buzzwords; they are the driving forces behind innovation and growth. As AI/ML continues to revolutionize industries, the demand for skilled professionals is skyrocketing.

Are you ready to seize this transformative opportunity?


The AI/ML course is best suited for:

  • Software Engineers/Developers and Data Science/Engineering professionals who want to move into AI/ML Engineer roles

  • Anyone with basic or no understanding of Machine Learning and looking to master the domain (STEM background required)

  • Recent college graduates/final-year undergrads who want to become AI/ML Engineers
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Meet your instructors
Our highly experienced instructors are active hiring managers and employees at FAANG+ companies and know exactly what it takes to ace tech and managerial interviews.

Matt Nickens

Manager, Data Science

10+ years experience

Jameson Merkow

Principal AI Engineere

11+ years experience

Christian Monson

Machine Learning Scientist

9+ years experience

Alireza Dirafzoon

Research Engineer

7+ years experience

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