[Webinar ] How to Approach Retail Shrink



Retail shrink, while not a new phenomenon, has been a hot button issue lately. While the causes for shrink are varied, unexpected loss of inventory is impacting retailers’ bottom-line. With the right tools and understanding, it’s possible to implement effective solutions to mitigate losses, improve customer experience and drive profits. 

Listen in as James Spencer, Director Asset Protection Systems and Technology at Walgreens, and Jenni Jones, Senior Vice President at Mastercard Data & Services, discuss best practices for retail loss prevention and share why analytics are essential to measuring and optimizing Walgreens’ loss prevention initiatives. Additional topics include:

  • Tactics to measure whether a new loss prevention method is working.
  • Overview on leveraging data to drive a positive ROI on shrink reduction initiatives.
  • Strategies for striking the right balance between product protection and sales.
  • A deep dive on which tools have been most helpful in Walgreens’ efforts to mitigate losses.
  • Perspective on how technology has changed the retail industry’s approach to loss prevention in recent years.


James Spencer

Director asset protection systems and technology at Walgreens

Jenni Jones

Senior vice president, Retail & commerce at Mastercard Data & Services

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