Prep Your Data for Analytics - Fast, Free and Frictionless

Presented by: Arvind Gudipati, VP, Product at Informatica, and Makesh Renganathan, Director, Product Management at Informatica

Learn About Informatica Cloud Data Integration-Free

Data teams struggle with making data more accessible and reliable. Dealing with these issues eats away at time better spent on customer insights.
How do you overcome these challenges to reap the rewards?
Find out by watching our on-demand webinar “Prep Your Data for Analytics – Fast, Free and Frictionless.” Hear from our resident data experts about how to:
  • Combine the best of both ETL and ELT for faster, easier no-code cloud data integration
  • Make your data more accessible and reliable
  • See how Informatica’s Cloud Data Integration-Free leads to 50X faster data processing

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